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Cartoonist Jeroen van Rossum makes cartoons and comic drawings for various advertising purposes, for t-shirts, book illustrations, etc..
After years of sketching with pencil on paper and inking with brush and Indian ink, these materials made place for the digital pen display.

The drawing is still done by hand but doing it digitally means more can be done in shorter time.
In the videos below you can see how this is carried out.

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Technically sound

Cartoon schets in de maak

Yaroon's has the know-how needed in order to make sure the illustrations are reproduced in the best possible way. Vector techniques are often used to keep lines sharp on large display sizes and we know all about color profiles and surfaces.
Whether it's on a flyer, in a book, on a T-shirt or on a hot air balloon... your cartoon is always gonna look great!

Copyrights and usage

Of the illustrations commissioned by you, you logically are the only rightful user.
This means that nobody but you and the author may use it without permission from you.
Yaroon's always retains the copyright. This means that only Yaroon's may call himselve the author and has the right to use the drawing for own advertising purposes but the rights may never be transfered to another party but you.

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